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July 17, 2017

Here’s How to Make the Most Out of Your Solar Investment


Here’s How to Make the Most Out of Your Solar Investment

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Image courtesy of the UNFCCC, via Flickr.

There’s a global “need to mobilize substantial private capital flows into climate solutions at an accelerated pace and at the required scale to combat climate change,” according to the UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance at the Frankfurt School. 

Even with the recent decision on behalf of President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement of 2015, American corporations are committed to invest in solar and clean tech.

The reason? Clean energy sources make economic sense. After decades of research, corporations and governments are building the infrastructure necessary to make renewables and solar energy more scalable and straightforward to implement. Shareholder demands and state rules are pushing companies to address climate change

Not to mention, city-wide experiments throughout the United States have demonstrated a positive return on investment—most substantially in the form of a reduction in power outages at little to no cost. Additional research has found that by replacing coal with photovoltaics, the U.S. could prevent 51,999 premature deaths per year, which would align with $2.5M in ROI for every life saved.

Fortunately, clean energy corporate pioneers have a partner. As a subsidiary of Powerway, a global leader in advanced materials that has put technology into space, Boviet Solar USA has tested various business models that reflect the intersection of continuous R&D, pricing efficiency, equipment optimization, and quality. Here are some tips that we’ve learned for aligning clean energy with ROI:


1. Build your program with an entrepreneurial mindset

BloombergStudy-1.png“Investment in renewables capacity was roughly double that in fossil fuel generation,” according to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Boviet uses scalable capital mechanics and sustainable adoptability practices that are based on data driven business models central to the green economy. Boviet Solar USA optimizes and monetizes its clean tech investments in real-time. The business model is similar to a startup, demonstrating flexibility, resistance, and scalability.

Boviet operates with an entrepreneurial spirit and the deep resources of Powerway’s 30-year-old resource library. As a result, Boviet’s customers are uniquely positioned to deploy large-scale commercial projects at a level of speed and efficiency that is otherwise unparalleled in the market.

One key finding: it’s the private sector, not governments, that are leading the charge for innovation in solar. While energy departments and agencies at the state, local, and federal level are committing resources to clean tech infrastructure, true R&D is happening at a rapid pace within corporations and startups, around the world.

Any large-scale solar buyer has the potential to be an innovator and collaborator too.


Boviet utility scale project for Lagorio Farms. Read more case studies on our site.

“With Powerway’s resources behind us, Boviet is in a unique position to work with our suppliers and customers to develop leading-edge solar technology. We have the market knowledge to identify coming trends and the manufacturing and engineering agility to adapt for the future. It’s a winning combination.”


2. Prioritize supplier risk management, early

System reliability is critical for any business, regardless of its energy source. Clean tech needs to be reliable. The United States Department of Energy recently found a correlation between severe weather, the leading cause of weather outages in the United States, and negative ramifications to commerce.

A 2012 inflation-adjusted report estimates cost of weather-related power outages to range from $40 billion to $75 billion.  Individual businesses and energy buyers cannot risk choosing an unreliable solar provider. Solar and clean-tech providers must get to know their customers’ unique business models and build risk management protocols effectively. Here are some characteristics of a strong partner:

  • Immediate responsiveness with an assigned investment and module specialist
  • Core profit exposure & estimates
  • Income fundamentals based on existing client & industry assumptions
  • Net substance: liability protection & equity investments from a 30-year parent company

While utility and clean energy companies can’t predict the weather, they can build redundancy and response plans. Further, high-quality materials ensure that businesses stay up and running – that technology is reliable.


“Boviet is committed to minimizing risk for utility customers by delivering state-of-the-art technology proven by rigorous specifications and testing. And our commitment extends beyond the initial sale. We have a superior engineering and support team ready to support customers, and our regional distribution centers allow us to deliver modules anywhere in the U.S. quickly and cost-effectively.”


3. Architect a data strategy from the ground-up

Billions of dollars go into clean tech investments in the United States. In the next few years, leaders in solar will pioneer a new infrastructure that conserves and exercises natural resources.

And price points are becoming more cost-effective across the board—just look at countries like the United Kingdom. On a sunny weekend in March 2017, there was more supply than demand for household and business energy.

These moments for efficiency are the cost-effective tip of the iceberg and display what’s yet to come in solar for the United States. Data will be a key driver in identifying the United States’ infrastructure gaps.


“As a global supplier of solar technology, we have designed and monitored PV performance in most situations. Our customers benefit from that experience. As a data-driven company, Boviet captures what we learn in the field as well as in the R&D lab and apply that data to help our customers optimize solar energy production for maximum returns.”

Seeking advice for your unique business model? The Boviet team is here to help. Let us know if you’d like to get in touch by filling out this short form, here (it takes under 1 minute).