Mission and Strategy

Leading the Way in Innovation

Boviet Solar USA continues its commitment to research and development to help increase and simplify solar cell manufacturing.

Our Mission and Strategy

At Boviet Solar USA, our mission is to remain the leader in innovation within our industry. We have heavily invested in research and development, which has led us to develop the world’s top nickel alloy, along with many other products and processes that help to increase solar efficiency. Our unparalleled commitment to technological innovation has helped us to simplify the solar cell manufacturing process by eliminating the complicated steps of cell texturing.

Strategically, we heavily invest in research, manufacturing and distribution to ensure that every module we produce exceeds our customers’ expectations, as well as the industry standards. Because we do our own production and manage our inventory, and have multiple, strategically located distribution centers across the U.S., we are able to deliver our products wherever and whenever a client requires them.