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July 6, 2017

A New Era of Collaboration in Solar and Clean Tech Begins Here


A New Era of Collaboration in Solar and Clean Tech Begins Here

The solar industry has reached a never-before-seen point of maturation, while continuing to evolve at an accelerated pace. The need for resource-sharing, and open dialogue is more important than ever before.

Enter Boviet – this insider is ready to go public.


logo_article.jpgPowerway Group, parent company to Boviet Solar USA, has 30 years of experience building industry partnerships around the world, with a roster of customers including Honeywell, Emerson, Hitachi, Bosch, Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, Moen, Kohler, and others.

Innovation has been the beating heart of Powerway Group’s mission and vision, with an investment in R&D that has led to the world’s top nickel alloy, as well as products and processes to increase solar module efficiency.


“Powerway Group is a pioneer in alloy development as well as capital investment, and w
ith Powerway’s backing, Boviet Solar USA has extensive engineering and financial resources,” said John Bereckis, President of the Module Division of Boviet Solar USA. “Powerway’s mega engineering capability contributed to the Shenzhou 1 spacecraft, so for Boviet Solar USA, photovoltaic R&D is truly rocket science.”

Boviet Solar USA has the resources and support of a global holding company, with more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue. It’s this in-depth resource pool and years of R&D that have led senior leadership to a new stage—the development of technology that takes module and solar cell efficiency to a higher level, all without cell texturing.


Boviet Solar USA brings a unique perspective to the market. Investing in research, manufacturing, distribution, and relationships, the company controls its own production and inventory. Fully stocked, strategically located distribution centers are present all throughout the United States.

“Boviet works closely with our partners to ensure the right solar modules are available when and where they are needed,” Bereckis said. “Part of the Boviet advantage is total control over manufacturing, inventory, and shipping. With distribution centers in Arizona, New Jersey, South Carolina, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, product availability is not an issue.”

Far from “just another module vendor,” Boviet Solar USA is a rarity in the solar manufacturing and sales industry—very few companies have end-to-end supply chains. And even fewer are willing to share what they are learning along the way.


Exploring the market—the future began yesterday


According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar has experienced a compound annual growth rate of more than 60 percent over the last decade, in the United States, alone.

The solar industry has approached its time to shine. With so much evolution taking place in solar tech, conversations must push the boundaries of what exists in the market today. Cross-functional, cross-industry dialogue is a must. Innovation in energy comes from intelligence worldwide and all solar manufacturers need to keep their ears to the ground and invest in a process of continuous learning.

“Analyzing market trends and customer feedback are essential to our R&D. In addition to applying the latest engineering strategies, we take into account changes in energy policies, construction trends, and consumer expectations. Our success is the result of listening to the market and applying what we learn to anticipate customer needs,” Bereckis said.

Enabling dialogue—a key narrative is missing from solar and clean tech

Gilmore 1.jpg

Customer demand drives innovation in solar. Key growth opportunities remain untapped. These are the reasons why Boviet Solar USA, in 2017, underwent a formal restructuring into two business groups—a new project & investment division and a module division. The reorganization follows increased demand from engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partners and will strongly position Boviet Solar USA to reach customers with large-scale energy initiatives throughout North America.

But Boviet doesn’t want to go at it alone—the company’s leadership invites the most strategic thinkers in solar to be a part of the learning, growth, and innovation that is yet to unfold. Together, the global solar and clean tech industry is entering 

uncharted terrain of new commercial and residential opportunities.


“By restructuring into project investment and solar module divisions, Boviet Solar USA is now in a better position to increase our leadership role in the North American energy market,” said Bereckis. “Boviet will continue to dedicate the necessary resources to both our established channels and open new opportunities with commercial and energy utility customers. This represents the start of a new growth initiative for Boviet Solar USA.”

To accompany this new reorganization and further develop its R&D practice, Boviet Solar USA will publish a monthly eZine “The Current” that contains the latest executive insider perspective on solar and clean energy policy, community, technology, products, and scientific news.

The goal? Rely on collective wisdom and 30 years of customer-centric best practices to drive solar’s narrative forward.

Stay tuned for topics like:


  • Scalability & Sustainability: CleanTech & Money
  • How to Accelerate Innovation in Clean Energy
  • IoT + Solar: 3 Market-Defining Trends to Watch

This eZine will be a go-to resource for:

  • Leaders and operators at utility scale solar facilities
  • Operators in the commercial and industrial space, managing projects at around 200-500 kW
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction teams
  • Clean energy entrepreneurs and enthusiasts