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September 18, 2017

Why Partnership May Be the Most Valuable ROI Yet

Partnership’s Game:

Why Partnership May Be the Most Valuable ROI Yet

As solar energy booms— over one million solar installations are already connected to the grid, and two million are expected by 2018— the energy industry faces the unique challenge of integrating and optimizing solar energy into the electricity grid ( With such a challenge comes the need for collaboration between solar and the nation’s over 3,000 electric utility companies.

These partnerships support a vast network of research and development, contributing to the DOE’s Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI) and SUSTAINABLE and HOLISTIC INTEGRATION of ENERGY STORAGE and SOLAR PV (SHINES) programs, which aim to efficiently and optimally integrate solar energy into the grid.

Department of Energy is Making Big Partnership Moves

Another initiative which aims to benefit solar is the SunShot Initiative, which focuses on lowering the cost of solar electricity to make it as affordable and accessible as electricity sources. The goal of these initiatives is to improve the existing infrastructure, integrate solar to it’s full capacity, and, in doing so, lower the overall cost of solar to make it more universally used. In addition to these large-scale goals, SunShot hopes to make solar energy more accessible to all communities by addressing issues such as long project times, limited solar access and education, and informing consumers of solar’s value once fully integrated to it’s potential in the grid.

At Boviet Solar USA, our partnerships with leading energy providers, utilities, and developers allow us to be, in turn, the best partner for your business. We support some of the most challenging utility-grade solar projects across North America. Our partnerships drive engineering demands and performance, and allow us to customize our technology to meet unique needs.

Inclusive Delivery and Distribution Partners are the Difference 

Boviet is committed to the very same goals set out by the DOE, and we are proud to supply solutions to these common solar energy obstacles. Our strategically located warehouses allow for speedy delivery of our products, helping to get your project started quickly. In addition to our fast delivery times, we manufacture all of our solar modules, giving us (and you) complete control over production and delivery. Why does this matter? By partnering with us, you’ll have access to extremely precise, efficient equipment, and a lower risk of downtime. A partnership with Boviet means a completely customized system designed specifically to meet your project’s individual needs.


Likana solar energy project in Chile. Image via Solar Reserve.

Partnering with Boviet is not just about getting top-notch products, it’s partnering with 30 years of tech engineering and manufacturing expertise. When you partner with Boviet, you’re bringing on an experienced team member, dedicated to helping reach your goals. More than just a bankability warrantee, partnering with us is also gaining insight into industry-leading forecasting, efficiency, storage solutions, software tools, and accelerated technology.  As industry-leading experts, we advise on infrastructure flexibility and easing grid dependency.

Active Solar farm. Image via SunLink.

Guarantee Returns on Your Investment for the Long-Term

Not only is solar energy a quick return on your financial investment, but partnering with Boviet Solar USA offers ensured solar modules, which includes a 12-year product and workmanship limited warranty, and a 25-year power output guarantee. Boviet solar modules are also backed by Powerguard Specialty Insurance Services.

Current trends in solar energy all point towards partnerships, be that with large initiatives like SunShot, SHINES, and GMI, or through customized partnerships between companies and customers. The strength of solar lies in its flexibility, and its ability to optimize existing infrastructure, like the grid, and solve for energy storage solutions. At Boviet, we’re proud to be a part of these partnerships as we further integrate solar energy into the electric grid. Our goal is to improve not only your business and bottom line, but the planet, your community, and your day-to-day life. Boviet Solar USA is more than just a solar company, we’re your partner. Let’s problem solve together to improve everything from your cold storage bill to the way we consume energy altogether.