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CalCom Solar: California Agriculture

Challenge: Reduce energy cost and environmental impact at D’Arrigo Brothers Co., which grows, harvests, packs, cools and ships all its own products from Salinas, CA.

Solution: Deployed 7,360 Boviet 72-cell polycrystalline high-efficiency modules in partnership with CalCom, a leading EPC.

Benefit: Produces 4.3 million kWh annually, offsets 87% of D’Arrigo’s cold storage cost, and saves the company $24 million over the 25-year project lifetime.

Johnson Melloh: Indiana Public Schools

Challenge: Lower and stabilize long-term energy costs at public schools to improve budget forecasting and reallocate money to educational programs.

Solution: Build a solar farm with 5,000 Boviet modules in partnership with Johnson Melloh near North Putnam Community School Corporation’s middle and high schools.

Benefit: Energy self-sufficiency in running the school campuses, a first for the Midwest. A similar project is in the works for Sheridan School Corporation.

CEUSA and Schell Brothers: Delaware Residential Development

Challenge: Provide new homebuyers easy, affordable access to solar energy to lower their utility bills and create a consistent look across the neighborhood.

Solution: With CEUSA, installed Boviet modules on 200-plus homes in Schell Brothers projects throughout Delaware beach communities. More homes are coming online this year.

Benefit: Immediate ROI for homeowners, who track energy produced on a mobile app. So far, 1MW has been installed with an average system size of 4.5kW.

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