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We Scour the Earth to Maximize the Sun

Boviet Solar USA, sources the world for top quality solar components. Just as scale is no barrier, neither is geography. Engineering from Germany; backsheet from Japan; wafer and glass from China; manufacturing in Vietnam.


Our high-quality silicon wafers come from the world’s largest photovoltaic material manufacturer, CSG Holding Co., Ltd., and its division, CSG Polysilicon Co.


Zhejiang Hehe Photovoltaic Glass Technology manufactures glass for Boviet’s modules that has high light transmittance, stability, flatness and strength.


We use backsheet from Toyo Aluminum K.K., which maximizes the properties of aluminum to improve reliability and weather resistance.


Our EVA film from Changzhou Sveck PV New Materials Co., Ltd., was developed over a 10-year period to improve module efficiency and is PID-free.


Industry leader TTERGY New Materials Co., Ltd., designs and manufactures our aluminum frame and mounting components.

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